40 Years of SHAFT Panel

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Last October at Anime Weekend Atlanta I hosted a retrospective panel on the development SHAFT, starting from the studio’s origins and later examining key staff members and projects that defined their unique style. Do note that this is the first panel I ever hosted, so it starts a bit rough and there may be some minor mistakes and omissions. That said, I’m still proud of it as a general introduction to one of the most notable production studios in modern anime.

This video began as a Patreon exclusive before now finally being released to general audiences. Consider pledging as little as one dollar to help support us in making content like this in the future. Enjoy the video!


Help us make future videos possible, support us on Patreon!



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  1. Has Jimmy ever previously done/considered doing YouTube? His voice is nice and his delivery is pretty natural.


  2. This whole panel is quite amazing and kudos to the amazing slideshow presentation! I’ll add it to my to-watch list!


  3. This was a great presentation!
    I learned a lot and have a new found appreciation for the directing of Shaft.


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