Weekly Motion Cannon Podcast Episode 02 – Stop Dragon My Heart Around

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This week CJ Hitchcock is joined by Grant and IBCF to talk about the Winter 2017 Smash Hit, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. We also talk about what we are currently watching and dive into another reader question submitted to us by a Patreon supporter. If you’d like to submit a question to the show, please visit our Patreon page to learn how.

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Opening Theme: First Light by Makotot Matushita

Ending Theme: Everybody Ought to Have A Maid by Zero Mostel, Michael Hordern, Jack Gilford and Phil Silvers

-Stop Dragon My Heart Around-

CJ, Grant and IBCF talk about easily the most talked about show of the Winter 2017 season, Miss Koyabashi’s Dragon Maid. While not their favorite show this season, they do discuss the merits of show’s themes of family and its strong visual presentation. Afterwords Grant admits he’s enjoying Gundam OO, IBCF examines Little Witch Academia‘s Western influenced comedic style and CJ rediscovers his love for Cardfight Vanguard. This week’s Patreon question deals with who would we like to meet from the Anime Industry.


Grant: Look I’ve been married for ten years. My wife knows I’m a weird nerd. She knows I watch anime and she’s not threatened by it or anything like that. But man, if she ever walked in on me watching Maid Dragon, I’d instantly spin around and go, “Now wait, let me explain.”


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