Blade Licking Thieves Episode #22 – Dominion Tank Police

Dominion Tank Police OVA

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Grant, Zen, and the Heat return for the Saturday Anime classic – Dominion Tank Police!

Show Notes

What We’ve Been Watching + News (0:00)

Review (40:45):

A four part OVA prequel to the Masamune Shirow manga, Dominion Tank Police stars Leona and her cute, but totally awesome, tank Bonaparte as they fight to take down the criminal Buaku gang.  The first two episodes, written, directed, and story-boarded by Koichi Mashimo showcase a flair for slapstick and comedic humor that arguably outdoes even the original manga in sheer wacky absurd-ism; while the later two episodes, helmed by director Takaaki Ishiyama and, I believe, a separate production staff, take a different posture, trading a bit of the over the top fun of the first half, for a more subdued, surreal, and reflective tone.  Tune in for the full review!

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