Wave Motion Cast Episode 3 – Christmas Special 2016

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You are listening to Wave Motion Cast! A podcast featuring the cast of this website! In this third episode, the crew talks about their fondest memories of silver bells, the warmth of the fireplace, and opening presents at the foot of the tree. Oh, and anime…

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Opening Theme: Kenka Joto by Kishidan

Ending Theme: Sekai wa Sore wo Ai to Yobundaze by Sambomaster

-Happy Holidays-

This episode is hosted and produced by Jimmy Gnome. Grant the Thief, CJ Hitchcock and Pat “Suri” Price are the rest of the Cannon Crew this episode. Please be sure to enjoy this podcast as part of your holiday cheer! And watch Tokyo Godfathers!


CJ: I mean, didn’t you say the guy who got stabbed for the Pokemon card was wearing a Santa outfit?

Pat: No, that was the dude with the knife.

Jimmy: Wow, this is a really crazy headline…

Grant: “And I’ll attach one fire to my AUUUHHH my Santa outfit! You can’t see the blood!”

CJ: Rudolph, fly!

Grant: “Meowth, that’s life!”(death noise)

(Whole crew laughs)

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