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josh-the-who「JOSH DUNHAM」- (Twitter)

Favorite Animator: Atsushi Wakabayashi (YuYu Hakusho, Naruto)

Favorite Director: Satoshi Kon (Paprika, Perfect Blue)

Josh Dunham, founder of WMC and host of Senpai Coast to Coast, is sustained purely on anime and Taco Bell. Involved in the community since his youth, Josh is always seeking ways to improve his skills as a writer by applying his knowledge of film and animation, working diligently to keep the site up and running. While he has a reputation of being fiercely opinionated, he simply loves passionately discussing his hobby with anyone that is willing to hear him out. Has all that's required to be detective of the Spirit World.
cj avatar circle「CHRIS 'CJ' HITCHCOCK」 - HITCH (Twitter)

Anime Influence: Robot Carnival (Multiple Directors, 1987)

Manga Influence: Devilman (Go Nagi, 1972)

CJ Hitchcock (aka Hitch) is the kind of guy who's passionate about animation and narrative regardless of where it's coming from. Starting as a young, well-traveled lad with a Sailor Moon lunchbox, Hitch became a dude who loves the classical works of Go Nagi, Rumiko Takahashi, Osamu Tezuka and Yoshiro Tatsumi, and fell in love with how these artist could express total creative freedom in their works, writing timeless tales about flawed heroes and relatable folks trying to get by.  With a background in film studies, Hitch approaches Anime and Manga with the perspective of a creator. Focusing on the importance of Color Theory and Storytelling, Hitch wants to share his passion with the world.
the-subtle-doctor「THE SUBTLE DOCTOR」 - (Twitter)

Anime Waifu: Hitagi Senjougahara (Bakemonogatari)

Anime Influence: Serial Experiments Lain (Ryūtarō Nakamura, 1998)

The Subtle Doctor has been watching anime since the late 90's and writing about it since 2013. A lover of all sorts of stories and themes, he'll talk your ear off on Twitter about Monogatari, Macross or Evangelion. When he's not curating his anime list, Subs can be found playing JRPGs, watching Liverpool Football Club lose or listening to hip-hop. But more than any of these things, he's proudest of being a father...and that his kids love Gaogaigar as much as he does.

Anime Influence: Ojamajo DoReMi (Junichi Sato & Takuya Igarashi, 1999)

Favorite Director: Kunihiko Ikuhara (Revolutionary Girl Utena, Mawaru Penguindrum)

Contender for the 'Best WMC Beard' award, Jimmy/Wyatt's hobbies include magical girls, Class S yuri, forgotten Japanese import games, and stalking Tatsuya Oishi. He was brought on to the site with his groundbreaking article, Shinbo is Dead: A New Generation of SHAFT and has since be recognized as one of the foremost experts on the studio. Anime Weekend Atlanta panelist extraordinaire and proud owner of magical girl socks three sizes too small, Wyatt suffers from an incurable and uncontrollable addiction to all things cute, especially Mayaka Ibara.
pat-suri-avatar circle「PAT 'SURI' PRICE」- (Twitter)

Love/Hate Relationship: Kazuhiro Furuhashi 

Assumed JoJo's Pose: Crazy Diamond About To Punch Spaghetti

Pat 'Suri' Price is just as likely to tell you about how cool that robot was as he is to expound upon the nature of pacifism in Rurouni Kenshin. With two decades of stockpiling manga and analyzing narrative structures under his belt, Pat is ever ready to mine for diamonds in the garbage bin of the industry - never let it be said that he isn't willing to give something a chance. Definitely more experienced and focused on the narrative end of anime, but always excited for some excellent sakuga.
ibcf-large「IBCF」 - (Twitter)

Favorite Animator: Koji Nanke (Urusei Yatsura)

Anime Influence: Lupin III (Various Directors, Various Years)

IBCF was a Western animation fan since he was young, but he eventually moved to anime for its greater variety. He loves to study the art of animation and the artists behind each scene. Creator of animator reels, consider him a weeb in training. Especially fond of cartoony sakuga. Nom de plume completely unrelated to any beverages.
jared「JARED」 - (Twitter)

Favorite Anime: Super Dimension Fortress Macross (Shōji Kawamori, 1982)

Favorite Director: Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira, Steam Boy)

Jared got into anime in the early 90's, got out of it in the early 2000's, and returned to the fandom in 2010. A few years working in Japan as an English teacher left him with a deep appreciation for Japanese culture and a curious appetite for natto. A self-proclaimed 3rd level bard, Jared enjoys tabletop and video gaming, giant robots, history, love triangles, art, comics, and manga. He is eternally late to the party.
grant-wmc「GRANT」 - (Twitter)

Favorite Anime: Super Dimension Fortress Macross (Shōji Kawamori, 1982)

Nanto Style: South Dipper Laughing Toucan Fist

Grant was born in the shadow of the Cold War and raised on a steady diet of Saturday morning cartoons and violent anime VHS rentals. After a deadly laboratory accident in the mid-2000s left his face permanently scarred from repeated slice of life shows, he has returned to the fandom with sinister intent. His master plan - to make a lasting contribution to the discussion of anime that goes beyond superficial hot-takes.
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