Wave Motion Cast Episode 2 – Talking Gundam

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You are listening to Wave Motion Cast! A podcast featuring the cast of this website!  In our second episode, we are joined by the incomparable Lauren Orsini to chat about all things Gundam.  We cover our favorite shows and mecha designs, discuss how we got into the franchise, and even share a few revealing, personal anecdotes!

***NOTE*** There is a brief audio issue around 01:09:00 that lasts for about a minute.  Apologies for that, but it was baked into the recording, and we didn’t want to cut that wonderful bit out of the show.


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Opening Theme: Kenka Joto by Kishidan

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-Talking Gundam-

This episode is hosted and produced by The Subtle DoctorJimmy Gnome, CJ Hitchcock and Pat “Suri” Price are the rest of the Cannon Crew on episode two.  This particular Wave Motion Cast also features the talents of:

Lauren Orsini

Gunpla enthusiast and master journalist, Lauren often spends her time cultivating new fans through her newsletter over at the Otaku Journalist. She is the author of the 2015 book: Cosplay: The Fantasy World of Role Play. Currently, she writes about Iron Blooded Orphans on ANN week to week. An accomplished reporter, Lauren’s name can be found on CNN, Forbes, and Kotaku, among other publications.

Otaku Journalist | Gunpla 101 | Twitter


Jimmy:  [The Sumo] was originally gonna be the Turn A, and then they said it wasn’t cool enough.

Lauren:  So they gave it the mustache???  “We’re looking for something cool for the kids.”

Jimmy:  I think…I think mustaches are really cool too…

Lauren:  Pick something that looks like Winston Churchill.

Jimmy:  That’s cool, though!

Lauren:  That’s what the kids like.

Doc:  Jimmy.  Have you seen…Gun X Sword?

Jimmy:  No, I have not.

CJ:  Agh, don’t.

Doc:  If you like mustaches-

Lauren: “If you like mustaches”

Doc:  -watch the first two episodes.

Jimmy:  I do like mustaches.

Doc:  I will leave it at that.

Lauren:  Will you make me an entire list of Gundam shows to watch if I like mustaches?

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  1. Great cast, thank you so much! I’m actually not very much into Gundam, having only watched the recent TV version of Unicorn which was, frankly, not the best place to get started. But after this podcast I feel like checking out some of the other installments. I’ve planned to watch the original ’79 series for a while now, and I think that’s a good place to start for me. Turn A Gundam being steampunkt/dieselpunk really makes me want to check that one out, too.


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