Wave Motion Cast Episode 1 – Fall Season 2016

You are listening to Wave Motion Cast! A new podcast featuring the entire cast of the site! In this first ever episode we dive straight into the currently airing season of anime and talk about what we’ll be watching. We touch on the good, the bad, and the sakuga. What did we say about your favorite show? Listen and find out!


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Opening Theme: Kenka Joto by Kishidan

Ending Theme: Sekai wa Sore wo Ai to Yobundaze by Sambomaster

-Fall Season 2016-

 Flip Flappers and March comes in like a lion will not be discussed on this episode as both are being covered week to week. Make sure to read our write-ups!! As for the rest of the shows this season, we cover ClaslicaLoid, Keijo!!!!!!!!, Izetta: The Last Witch, Yuri on Ice, Drifters and much more!



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  1. Will you make a podcast on mob psycho 100?


  2. Nice to see a new podcast on the site. With all the stuff you guys got on here, wavemotionacannon is really shaping up well.

    Of the fall shows I only got to watch Izetta. It didn’t really impress me that much though. As someone already mentioned in the podcast the worldbuilding feels really cheap. The show seems to be relying on you, to transfer your knowledge of actual history in order to give the world some meaning, while it’s not capable of creating that meaning itself.

    On top of that, going so deep into not-WWII territory feels pretty cowardly. At this point they might as well have turned it into actual WWII with a twist on it.

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  3. Speaking of heavier set anime characters comfortable in their skin, Oshiete Galko-Chan from a few seasons ago not only had the title character who definitely was on the chubby, zaftig side, but also has Nikuko, a fat, athletic girl who is the ace of the soccer team.

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