“The universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent.”

~ Carl Sagan


Even after leaving this Earth, mankind continues to fight. But it’s not gravity that weighs our souls down. Beautifully animated, that is the message of Gundam Tunderbolt. I was enthralled by the brilliant juxtaposition of jazz against the stubborn pride of two mobile suit pilots, watching their military assignment turn into their personal war. And by making the war personal, that’s all they had to lose – and that’s the message of Gundam.

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Opening Theme: Koi no HEAT WAVE by Granrodeo

Ending Theme: Kunimichi 127-go Sen no Shiroki Inazumi by Kishidan

-Tears and Jazz Among the Stars-

A talked about quite a bit this episode, but I really would recommend Philip Zimbardo’s TED Talk that I mentioned in the episode. Music played this episode was from both the Whiplash and Birman soundtracks, as well as Soil & “Pimp” next to Jon Coltrane.

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