Weekly Motion Cannon Podcast Episode 03 – What’s in a Name?

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CJ and Jimmy have a civilized discussion about the 2016 Box Office Anime Film King, Your Name. CJ also shares an experience with an anime fan at his new job. If you’d like to submit a question to the show, please visit our Patreon page to learn how.

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Opening Theme: First Light by Makotot Matushita

Ending Theme: Sparkle – Radwimps

-What’s in a Name?-

CJ kick starts this episode by sharing a story about a run in with an Anime fan at his new job. Afterwords CJ and Jimmy talk at length about the Box Office Mega Smash hit, Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa). While both of them are not exactly smitten with the film, they discuss what works for the film and what doesn’t. No Patreon question this week, but that has to do with CJ being a goober.


Jimmy: This dude truly believes that the girl is still alive. Even the viewer at this point still believes it.

CJ: Well, this is more of a twist for the viewer than for anybody in the movie.

Jimmy: Well no, it is a twist for the the dude too. Cause he’s… Wait, I need to look up his name.

CJ: I was actually really hoping we were going to go this entire episode without having to say either of their names.

Jimmy: So we could be like, “What’s your name?” and we can go, “I don’t fuckin’ know.”

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  1. Personally I really liked this film, boob groping and all. I’ve never been a Shinkai fan, really, though I did like about half of 5cm/s. It’s been a couple of weeks since I saw the film so I’m having trouble thinking of specific thoughts I had on it, I guess to sum it up I do plan to rewatch this film at some point to further analyze it. On the idea of it as a date movie, there was actually this really old couple watching at the theater I went to, like I’m talking at least in their 70’s.

    Look forward to listening to the next podcast.


  2. I thinks that Kimi no Nawa deserves the success BECAUSE of it’s faults.
    Everything you point wrong in this movie I agree, since the first time I watched I felt the same, I was surprised by all the nonsense in the script. Despite of this, I liked!
    How many better movies fail to “win the public”? That this movie was so adored being “this bad” it’s no easy feat.


  3. *angry rant cuz I love anime and I want it to succeed, don’t @ me*
    I felt insulted by this movie when I was watching in the theater. I felt my brain cells melting away as I was watching all the repetitive third-grader jokes. My friends in Asia were raving about it to me and the critical responses in the press were so positive that I was hyped going in. I was expecting an almost-Miyazaki-level film, but instead, I got a fanfiction-level story that somehow got a film budget. My biggest annoyance with the movie is that every single character except the main guy had no agency and was full of cliches.

    Halfway throughout the movie, I just started treating it like a comedy. During the dramatic moments, I literally laughed out loud in the theater. That’s the only way I could cope through those moments. If I went to watch this movie on a date, I’d leave the theater pissed off as hell.

    Your last point about how this film perpetuates how western world views anime is pretty on point. I went to see this film with a lot of my non-otaku fans and they didn’t receive it well at all, especially with all the fanservice scenes, and I could just feel the cringe in the air. Do you know how hard it is to convince non-otaku people to go watch a non-Pixar animated film?

    Hopefully, one day, a 1995 Ghost in the Shell-level film will arrive in American mainstream theaters and change people’s ideas about the medium.


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