Coming Changes to the Site

As was announced prior, some changes will be coming to the site in the next few weeks. This all came about from the survey that we launched, and reading the responses you all sent to us, it became pretty clear what direction you would like us to take the site. For starters, Weekly Motion Cannon will be under the new management of CJ Hitchcock, and will undergo a makeover from text to audio. Instead of being exclusively tied to one or two series in written format, the Weekly Motion Cannon podcast will run for roughly one hour week to week with a revolving door of WMC members. You will be able to find the show on the WMCast feed. But fear not, the weekly pod will not replace WMCast, which will retain its longer runtime and robust number of hosts. That being said, this will give a new perk to our $1 backers on Patreon: ask us a question or about a topic and we will answer/discuss it on the show. Just send us a message on Patreon and label it as a question for Weekly Motion Cannon. Becoming a patron has never been sweeter!

A weekly podcast is nice, but it begs a certain question: “But, what about the sakuga?!” It just wouldn’t feel right if there wasn’t a written post going up week to week, so to fill that void, I will be writing a new column ‘Sakuga & Cinema’ which will focus on (you guessed it) standout scenes of sakuga and cinematics from whatever I happened to watch that week. The column won’t be bound to any one series, animator, or even one episode. There could be multiple episodes from multiples series featured on the same post – I want to be really free flowing on this project with a wide breadth. Look forward to that in the future.

So now you’re probably asking, ‘What ever happened to the Anime of the Year podcast?’ Well, it’s late. Really late. What we set out to do is so massive that it swallowed us whole. That, and we hit a few bumps along the way with sickness and personal tragedies. But with this new season, we’re coming out swinging, hitting you with some strong content to push the site forward. Anime of the Year will be part of that, and even though it may not be timely, it will be relevant.

With all of these changes, the Patreon too will undergo some reshaping. As aforementioned, the $1 tier will now include a mailbag for you to send in questions that we will answer on the Weekly Motion Cannon podcast. For the time being, we will not set a limit on the amount of questions, which is something that might need to change as the Patreon grows in the future, so enjoy it while it lasts.

The Bonus, $5 tier will remain unchanged, however, $10 backers will now receive the ability to vote on which translations they would like to back and get published on the site. We want to prove that translations serve an extremely valuable part of our community, and so we want to give more voices the change to get the information they want. All of our translators are paid, and work hard to bring this content to us, so let’s back them the best we can!

Finally, the $20 tier will be your ability to directly purchase a topic be covered on the site. Once per month, $20 Input tier members can submit their topic and see it get it’s own post on the site, either as a podcast topic on WMCast or the new Weekly Motion Cannon or even a long form, written post. Now you can directly influence, and have stake in, WMC. Help us shape the website to be one that you want to visit.

Question or concerns? Please let us know in the comments below. Suggestions and opinions are always welcome, and it is our intention to respond to you, our dedicated fanbase. We’ve listened to you, and we’re making changes to better suit your needs. Enjoy this journey with us. Together we can make something great, and dazzle the anime community with our passion!


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  1. Not fond of podcasts, but the new free-flowing ‘Sakuga & Cinema’ sounds intriguing!

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  2. I am no big fan of podcasts, but I suppose it’s the trend.
    But if there is a script for the podcast, why not post the script as well? I am certain that I do not stand alone in this matter.


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