Talking with Digibro: On Learning and Studioisim

“You’ve heard about Shinbo’s porn, right? “

~ Digibro

Part 2 of Digibro’s interview on Senpai Coast to Coast! The conversation continues with talk of Akiyuki Shinbo, and the interview that was recently translated on Le Portrait de Petit Cossette. We wander into the topic of anime studios and if their identity defines the shows they work on (or if they have any identity at all). Twitter banter hold that there may soon be a followup podcast on this very topic, so make sure you subscribe for future installments!


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Opening Theme: Morioh Cho Radio from ‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’ by Yugo Kanno

Ending Theme: Kunimichi 127-go Sen no Shiroki Inazumi by Kishidan

-Talking About Akiyuki Shinbo leads to…-


YouTube anime personality extraordinaire, and self described “Otaku Gonzo Journalist” Digibro has been making videos since 2012. His channels, Digibro and Digibro After Dark, focuses on the analysis of and personal thoughts of anime. Recently he made the video, On the Need For A Cabal of Anime Gurus which was the cause for this interview.

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  1. That whole discussion about coming to anime from science fiction and a hunger to get the sort of science fiction you can’t get elsewhere, outside of written fiction, yup, that’s how I got into it back in the eighties. And how it was marketed too, of course: everything in those days was some sort of science fiction or fantasy story, the more “mature” the better, for teenage values of maturity. You only got a thin sliver of what was actually happening with anime in Japan, never got the whole context nor much of a chance to found either of course. Coming back to anime for the second time a few years ago, in a time when almost everything is available, I’ve found I’m much more interested in anime as its own thing, rather than in a particular kind of content.

    (In the modern context, people should recommend Yuri on Ice rather than Cowboy Bebop, perhaps the first memetic breakout anime watched in numbers by non-regular anime fans.)

    Speaking of Story versus Sakuga, boy that reminds me a lot of similar discussions in comics fandom, which has been chewing over that particular topic for at least forty-fifty years, with exactly the same sort of dynamics as in anime fandom. (Ojamajo Doremi is anime’s Little Lulu; discuss). I think having that sort of ongoing tug of war about the relative importance of Story vs Art and which needs more attention can only be healthy for the state of anime criticism within fandom.

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  2. With all the knowledge he already gathered, at the end of this endeavor, Digi could put it all in a book about Shinbo.


  3. Didn’t watch ass wars but I did watch Digis videos and ended up feeling like I watched the whole first season. Anyways I’m a big Digi fan but I like his one of videos more than his series of videos about one anime. Also the after dark channel is amazing, I almost like those vids more than the ones on the main channel. Though the Akiyuki and Shaft videos are pure gold, can’t wait for more of them :).

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