Blade Licking Thieves Ep #10 – Metropolis

metropolis 2001 rintaro poster

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Show Notes

Grant, Heat, and Zen are back!  Sorry it took so long; the episode is on the longer side to make up for it.

Catchin’ Up and What We’ve Been Watching (0:00:00):

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, Ultraman Orb, Power Rangers, 91 Days, Yuri on Ice, Pokemon Generations, Dragon Ball Super, Bullet Ballet, and The Dirty Pair.

News (1:19:39)

Listener Mail (1:31:20):

Show #8 – Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris follow up!

Review (1:44:07):

For this episode, Heat chose for us to watch the 2001 anime film Metropolis.  An amalgamation of Tezuka’s manga and Fritz Lang’s original silent film, this Rintaro helmed adaptation, featuring a screenplay by Katsuhiro Otomo and a soundtrack by Toshiyuki Honda, was done with remarkable gusto — listen to the full review below for more!

A few semi-related things: Zen reviewed Rintaro’s previous film X: The Movie here on the blog; Zen wrote a quick review of Metropolis along with lots of screen captures on my Tumblr page here; and, if you have any interest in how the Rintaro film compares to both the original and the manga, the YouTube channel Pause and Select has a great video about that here.


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  1. Every few episodes we see a little more of Zen’s past, and it is always hilariously tragic.

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