Sakuga and Canipa

“Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive. This facility makes it the most versatile and explicit means of communication yet devised for quick mass appreciation.”

~ Walt Disney


I believe that animation is the freest form of expression. It’s a topic I extrapolated on in my last article, ‘Why Anime?‘ – if you can imagine it, that it can exist on paper. And they live and move. When the best ideas flash before our eyes on-the-ones, in bright colors and impact frames, we call it sakuga.

Of course, that’s not all that sakuga is… So we talk about who makes it.

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Opening Theme: Koi no HEAT WAVE by Granrodeo

Ending Theme: Kunimichi 127-go Sen no Shiroki Inazumi by Kishidan

-passion meets paper-

Callum May

The Canipa Effect has been one of my favorite YouTube channels since I found it a few weeks back, and i continue to be impressed. Along with sakuga, Callum is known for his insightful analysis and pronounced critique of anime that I deeply enjoy. I can rest assured that the anime YouTube space is safe knowing he’s making videos. But don’t take my word for it.

The Canipa Effect | Twitter


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  1. regarding Shingo Natsumi:
    for Space Dandy, it was Watanabe who led to get the crazy directors and workers. and those episode directors bring some of their mates as well(like Ohira in Yuasa’s episode). also the extremely well schedule help to get more of awesome workers to the projects and it has high budget show with high degree of freedom that can attract workers as well. so probably Natsumi established a good connection during this project because his works as a series director.
    now come to OnePunch Man, probably the preparation of OPM directly after spacedandy helped to transfer many of great animators to OPM from SpaceDandy(due to Kenji Hamada(BV producer) and Natsumi), and because the source material has a high popularity it attract some of workers as well, for Example, Arifumi Imai didn’t has the connection with the staff before, but he contacted Kubota the character designer to get him onboard in the projects.
    so OPM really was very lucky in many perspective beside having Natsumi connections. (so please don’t disappointed if you didn’t see all those great animators in next Natsumi project XD)
    for Sakugabooru, please be careful when you consider using it as a resource, many scenes are #presumed and you need to consider that because there is a degree of error, some scenes people were thought that it was done by animator X for years and than in turn up to be done by animator Y.

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    • Ah, yes, I should have caught that it was Watanabe who headed Space Dandy and not Natsume. I didn’t know Imai was not part of the original production team, but his cut was an eye opener. In fact, for me, it was that cut that made me fall in love with him, not his AoT stuff (though I suppose one day I will have to watch show instead of just going through the ‘booru).

      Thanks for the heads up on Sakugabooru’s veracity, someone like me who knows very little takes the site as gospel too often. I should be careful about that.


  2. Is there an RSS feed for this podcast. I have trouble keeping up with the multitude of podcasts I listen to, so it really helps me keep things organized.


  3. this dude is stupid (i do not mean canipa i mean the other one ) he is totally dumb and totally not professional what a joke its a 1 hour wasted but i liked what canipa comments he did well as always


    • Could you elaborate a little? When you say the lack of professionalisim are you referring to the audio quality or was it something that I said? I would like to know so I can make it better.

      Sorry, but you’re sounding like a bit of troll which I’m sure was not intended.


  4. I really enjoyed interview with Canipa. He did great job trying to dissipate the lazy fan assumption that anime studios determine the animation quality with youtube video.

    I do think that many foreign fans make too much assumption without putting some effort. Just looking through English language internet will not provide all the answers that he or she seeks. Language barrier is the main factor, but it’s not good by jumping to conclusion.

    Most Japanese fans and industry insiders don’t have time and English proficiency to translate what they know; so it’s up to individual fan to figure out how Japanese system works by reaching out and trying to communicate with whatever Japanese language skill he or she has. It’s not going to be given out freely. If you don’t understand certain Japanese word/phrase, then ask Japanese fans via social media with preschool level Japanese. That’s better than not asking at all. They will reply back with their limited English. We’re living in the great time now and it’s foolish by not taking initiative and advantage of ease of communication.

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