Warui Deshou: After Hours – Tears & Tropes

Warui Deshou After Hours is the stuff that didn’t make it into the podcast the first time around.  This time we dive into the mailbag and discuss everything from Cross Game to our feelings about fan service.

Thanks to RedIceRyan for sending in these questions via iTunes review.  Send in your questions/comments to waruideshou[at]gmail[dot]com or via Twitter (@waruideshou) or iTunes review and we might devote a whole After Hours episode to them!

Direct Download | iTunes | Stitcher | YouTube

Quasimode feat. AFRA “Whiskey High” // 00:00 – 00:48
Intro // 00:49 – 06:14
Has an anime ever made you cry? // 06:14 – 16:46
What do you think of the Winter 2016 season? // 16:47 – 30:59
Favorite and least favorite tropes in anime? // 31:00 – 01:08:46
Outro // 01:08:47 – 01:10:35
DJ Premiere & Dynamic Duo “AEAO” 01:10:36 – 01:10:57

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