The 80’s Want Their Anime Back

“At a certain point, you realize you have a responsibility more behind yourself and your need for adrenaline. I’m glad I did things in my 20’s that were more reckless.”

~ Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam

megazone23_boxsetFor many, the 80’s were a magical time. The quote from Charles Dickens “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” comes to mind, as bubblegum pop and the fear of nuclear annihilation mixed into a cultural blender. And Megazone 23 is a product of that. The feeling that everything is perfect; the knowledge that it all must end. There was everything to gain, and there was everything to lose. For many, the 80’s were the future. But the future seemed so far off when you’re riding fast on your motorbike, the woman you love clinging tight – Sentimental Over the Shoulder.

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Opening Theme: Koi no HEAT WAVE by Granrodeo

Ending Theme: Kunimichi 127-go Sen no Shiroki Inazumi by Kishidan

-Megazone 23-


Truly an anachronism from what many believe to be the ‘Golden Age’ of anime. I have always been impressed by the depth and scope of Khoda’s knowledge of anime from another time. She started 80’s Anime nearly three years ago, and since then it has become a pillar in preserving the classic aesthetic, sounds, and culture of what brought anime to America. With someone so praiseworthy, I was lucky to have her on the show!

80’s Anime | Twitter

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