Weekly Motion Cannon Podcast Episode 15 – Netflix’s Death Note

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CJ and Subs cover the recent release of Netflix’s Death Note film. If you’d like to submit a question to the show, please visit our Patreon page to learn how.


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Opening Theme: First Light by Makotot Matushita

Ending Theme: What’s Up People?! by MAXIUM THE HORMONE

-Netflix’s Death Note-

CJ and Subs cover the recent release of Netflix’s Death Note film. A movie so bad, not even William Dafoe can save it. The Patreon Question this week asks how the Netflix film compares to the Japanese Live Action Films from the Mid-2000’s.



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  1. When I watched the first scene of this movie I was momentarily confused.
    “Wait, really? This is how it begins?”
    There’s plenty of reasons why this is a bad movie per se, it’s full of holes and weak conflicts. But talking about why this is a bad adaptation, is because it’s not a movie “about” a Death Note, it’s a movie “with” a Death Note. I thought that that opening scene was setting the tone and was not wrong. This movie is about a dude trying to impress a hot girl that is smarter than him and just knows how easy would be for her to manipulate him. This story doesn’t care about what a device like that could do with the world, that’s why Light have no ideals, no plans. He mostly uses the Death Note to impress the girl, thus the attacks are so inconsequential and in so low numbers. Just 400 deaths? In the original Light is the protagonist because he is one person in the world who could use that device to really achieve something. In the movie despite seeing that the Death Note had previews owners that didn’t leave any mark in the world Light Turner put no effort in being different from them. He just wants to get laid.
    And I dare say that neither the production team put a serious effort, it seems. That montage about Kira’s attacks looks like was make by a different unit, not only we see nothing about what was shown and the implications later in the story, it shows that Kira had no methods and was killing more innocents than criminals. How could Kira’s gains a following doing things like using a train full of passengers to kill just 5 drug dealers? How many thousands of innocents were killed there?

    What I think is the most strange about this movie is that it was made by Netflix.
    Maybe I’m wrong, but didn’t they in recent years backed some good political and social aware productions, so how during times of rising fascism and reactionary could they put their money in this inconsequential script? The money man have no clue (or maybe they have).

    [why wordpress insist that I re-log every time? this is working or not?]

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