Dragon Ball Z Movie Podcast Series: Episode 1 – Dead Zone

This episode in the series is free, but if you want to hear the rest, contribute at the Bonus Tier today!


WMC is starting a special podcast series on the Dragon Ball Z films!  We are going to do one podcast for each movie.  The first one is free to all, but the following dozen are patron-exclusive content.  If you enjoy what you hear and want to listen to all the episodes, become a patron at the Bonus Tier.

The Subtle Doctor & Grant The Thief break down 1989’s Dead Zone aka Dragon Ball Z aka Dragon Ball Z: Return My Gohan.  They talk favorite scenes, films and the DBZ canon, bits they’d change about this movie, a bit of personal history with the franchise, and much more!

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Buzztone, Shunsuke Kikuchi



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