Blade Licking Thieves Spotlight #2: Captain Harlock with Dawn and Cai


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Show Notes

The Blade Licking Thieves return! Since last month we only got one episode out, we’re trying to make up for it this month with an episode each week — that means another guest episode today!

This time Grant talks Space Pirate Captain Harlock with two special guests: Dawn @bunnycartoon, host of the superb Anime Nostalgia podcast, and Cai @kaijinboyfriend, mega Harlock fan and fiction writer (throw a few bucks at his patreon,, or tips; he’s a great guy and would really appreciate the support).  Together, they reminisce about their first experiences with the franchise, share their love for the titular lead, give the run down on which parts they think worth watching, and even answer a few of your twitter questions.

Remember: you can watch the original Captain Harlock TV series along with Galaxy Express 999 TV (the best Leiji Matsumoto show for my money) on Crunchyroll; or, if physical media is more your thing, Discotek’s recent release of Captain Harlock Arcadia of My Youth is by all accounts stellar (haven’t opened my copy yet), and don’t forget their DVD releases of Captain Harlock TV and the Galaxy Express 999 films either.

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