The Phantom Pain

Ein, Zwei, Drei… why, oh, why did this happen? Well, in Shadon’s hands we once again ended up watching something less than appealing, an anime from his past named Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom. And by “less than appealing” we really mean “like a ten car train derailment”.

An adaptation of a Nitroplus visual novel of the same name, Phantom is a show that had all the necessary ingredients to be good: original material by Gen Urubuchi, Yousuke Kuroda at the helm, and a potentially compelling story about identity, the loss thereof and rediscovering one’s humanity. But alas, it was not to be.

With Vorgelia returning from a brief break and special guest Yellow Redfield bringing his knowledge of the visual novel to the table, can Warui Deshou survive another round of a terrible anime? Will Shadon ever pick a good show to watch? Will the name Scythe Master ever not cause uncontrollable laughter? Find out in Part One of Warui Deshou’s discussion of Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom!

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Anime we talk about:

Berserk (2016), Orange, Re:Zero, Wolf Children


Video games/interactive experiences we talk about:

Earth Defense Force, Street Fighter V, DOOM, VA-11 HALL-A


With additional music and sound effects from:, Captain Scarlet, Archer, GITS SAC: Individual 11, Kuuchu Burankou, Cheers, VA-11 HALL-A, Darker Than Black, CSI and ????


Time Codes

00:00:05 – Every Day Is Nig£$*&+”£$”£# (Michael Kelly – VA-11 HALL-A OST)

00:00:22 – The Unyielding
00:00:28 – Drei… Zwei… Ein… (Sonne – Rammstein)

00:01:47 – Introduction & Catch Up

01:11:19 – YOU IDIOTS (Your Best Nightmare (Metal) – Undertale – RichardEB / Toby Fox)

01:12:00 – The Duchess

01:12:40 – The Fall of Warui Deshou – 1-ZANA-G1

01:13:22 – Non Spoiler Overview & The Ending

02:32:26 – Does it feel good, knowing you tried? (Divide – Jeff Williams ft Casey Lee Williams – RWBY Vol 3 OST)

02:33:51 – Hashashins
02:34:52 – The Fall of Warui Deshou – A Man Who Makes Poor Life Choices

02:35:31 – Spoiler Filled Discussion – Positives & Negatives

04:35:51 – The Fall of Warui Deshou – An Unbearable Encounter

04:37:27 – Better Luck Next Time (Michael Kelly – VA-11 HALL-A OST)

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  1. As a heads up, this episode was edited by myself. I’d be eager to hear any technical feedback on the audio you might have! Enjoy!

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