Lied Poisoning

So, uh…we kinda missed the month of March.  Sorry about that, everyone!  Part of being a bad anime podcast means denying our audience a timely show.

Having said that, we have attempted to make it up to you by producing an episode twice as long as the previous ones.  It’s like you’re getting that missing episode here and now.  Yeah, think of it that way!

This episode we dive deep, deeper than anyone should, into the inexplicably popular Elfen Lied.  What did we find?  Mostly sadness, with the occasional moment of unintentional hilarity.  Right, this show is awful, and we rake it over the coals.  I’d like to think that it would be just as funny to someone who hasn’t seen the horrors, but who can say?  I cannot unsee the grease fire I have seen, not even in a hypothetical scenario.

Oh, you might notice the music is different…and bad.  We did that to reflect the nature of the anime we’re “discussing.”  Lotta edge there.

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anime we talk about:
Elfen Lied, One Punch Man, Golden Time, Serial Experiments Lain

games we talk about:
Bastion, Dust: An Elysian Tail, The Witcher, the CRPG genre, Final Fantrasy VIII, Guilty Gear Xrd, Street Fighter V, Lucius 1 and 2,

other topics:
Shadon’s relationship with his housemate, speed dating, RWBY

Time Codes:

Intro // 00:00 – 01:00
Aphex Twin “Come to Daddy” // 01:01 – 01:28
Catch-up with the hosts  // 01:01 – 57:06
YOUR’RE HIM AREN’T YOU?? // 33:12 – 33:45
Substance D “Unsaid” // 5707 – 57:32
Weeabooze // 57:32 – 57:54
Rob Zombie “Dragula, Hot Rod Herman Remix” // 57:55 – 58:14
Elfen Lied: historical context, summary, production (spoiler-free) // 58:14 – 01:43:48
Klank “Bleed Me Dry” // 01:43:48 – 01:44:07
WMC // 01:44:08 – 01:44:24
The Pretty Reckless “Kill Me” // 01:44:27 – 01:44:53
Elfen Lied, deep dive into the shit, spoilers // 01:44:53 – 04:08:06
Ultraspank “Crumble” // 04:08:07 – 04:08:31
Nine Inch Nails “Head Like a Hole” // 04:09:01 – 04:09:21
Correspondance // 04:09:21 – 04:40:43
Outro // 04:40:44 – 04:48:40
More Come to Daddy + How to Get in Touch // 04:48:41 – 04:49:43


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  1. Really think you guys are coming into your own with this one. I’ve got a much better sense of who each of you are and can recognize you all by voice now, though that has more to do with the amount of time I’ve listened to you now. But going from a show you liked to one you hated has brought out both sides of you so your personalities are becoming a lot clearer. I can also tell the hosting and editing styles are starting to solidify more and it feels like the podcast is finally fully formed rather than just a pilot launch.

    Three more things:
    1. Yes, I’m well aware that “The Bugcast” is a creatively bankrupt name.
    2. I’d love to take Shadon’s offer of getting a pint with him if, for whatever reason, I find myself in his neck of the woods or he in mine. It wouldn’t undo the state of sobriety I watched that horrid show in, but the healing process would be nice.
    3. Shadon, what the hell are you thinking? You’ve only managed to pique my curiosity regarding Mouse. You can’t paint a picture like that without prompting me to think “well, surely it can’t be THAT bad” and making me want to check it out to see for myself.

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    • Imagine I’m reading this while wearing a smoking jacket and using a tobacco pipe.

      In response to your points:

      1) It’s a name, so it’ll do! Besides, you didn’t call it “Buglyfe” or something.

      2) To be fair, my therapist did prescribe pure vodka as the medicine for healing from Elfen Lied. I asked for absinthe but she said that was the cause of Elfen Lied, not the cure.

      3) Buggy, take it from me. If your family is, say, kidnapped by pirates and held for ramson under threat of being fed to sharks, and the only way to save them is to watch Mouse, not a soul on this planet would tell you to do anything but start arranging their empty casket funerals.


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