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Warui Deshou‘s DADLIEST CATCH: Two anime dads talking anime, dads, and anime dads.

TheSubtleDoctor and Ian Harper from the Retro Anime Podcast have a chat about anime, fatherhood, and fatherhood in anime. We talk about our kids’ relationships with anime and a litany of anime fathers including: bad fathers, good fathers and distant fathers. Gendo Ikari may be mentioned.

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  1. Anime dads and their “watching from a distance” stance to parenting as well as the single dads are very much a cultural thing. Firstly, the samurai approach to the company has been adopted after the end of the Meiji era and it was only after the end of the bubble economy that young, single men rejecting marriage and death by overwork culture have begun to arise. That said, negligence of health in favour of work is a commonplace problem, which leads to wives whose poor health comes back for them in the worst way. Socially awkward dads who just “fell into marriage” find themselves having to be back in the game again to little result, which in turn puts him at odds with the son.

    Japanese culture also becomes a thing with daughters who do housework, as you mention and is a central point Bunny Drop. Japan is a highly gendered culture from the beginning of high school up to the workplace, where it is normal for say, a highly skilled woman to be passed over for promotion over and over because it is assumed by everyone that she will eventually marry and become a housewife. Children are exposed to this highly gendered culture from birth and becoming a part of it is just the way of life.

    Another interesting point of conversation I would like to hear about is unorthodox anime mothers, like bread winner moms or even the lazy stay at home one that results in the highly domestic sons we see in many harem animes.

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